One stop shop in Enniscrone

Patrick Maughan shop advertisement from a tourist brochure produced in 1946. Enniscrone the popular seaside village in west Sligo, in the 1940s the shop was described as Enniscrone’s main shopping centre, it included drapers, grocers, hardware, wine and provisions. In 2009, the grey slate roof can still be seen on the building block. The original sash windows were replaced with uPVC versions. The original shop … Continue reading One stop shop in Enniscrone

Enniscrone old bathhouse

A Winter murder at a Seaside Village

  The village of Enniscrone in west Sligo along the Atlantic coast has long been a popular holiday destination, going back as far as the 19th century when the Victorians began visiting the seaside village, located on the shores of Killala Bay in County Sligo. It has been a popular destination since theĀ 1850’s, when the local landlord, RobertĀ Orme built the Cliff bathhouse for tourists to … Continue reading A Winter murder at a Seaside Village