Horrible Outrage on the Dead

After the sad news this week of the St Michan’s vaults break-in comes this story of vault robberies from 1836, its a pity these stories aren’t in the distant past where they belong. We had a memorable visit to St Michan’s vaults a few years ago. Hopefully, they will reopen and the skull of the 800-year-old crusader can be retrieved. You can check out our … Continue reading Horrible Outrage on the Dead

A Sunday in Dublin in 1948

In the Summer of 1948, an English travel writer named John Wood went on a backpacking trip around Ireland. Wood walked most of the 1,000 miles with a few unsolicited lifts and bus trips along the way, he managed to visit seventeen counties in one of the wettest summers on record for the time. He later wrote a travel book called ‘With Rucksack round Ireland‘. … Continue reading A Sunday in Dublin in 1948

Black and white photo of Doris street

Who once lived on this Dublin street ?

I took this photo a few weeks ago when I was out for a lunchtime stroll.  I really like these quaint little red brick terraced houses on Doris street in Ringsend in ‪Dublin‬ 4‬.  Doris street is located in an area called South Lotts, which was reclaimed marshes along the South of the river Liffey in Dublin.  I believe these houses were built-in circa 1905, as I can’t find any … Continue reading Who once lived on this Dublin street ?

Clondalkin Round Tower

Hidden gems around the Round Tower

The west Dublin village of Clondalkin, has a great walking tour with various different historical and heritage points of interest, dating as far back as the 5th century.  We recently did a self-guided walking tour. The Clondalkin walking tour takes about an hour and a half to do and is about 4 Kilometres, if you are short on time, you can also do a shorter version, which only … Continue reading Hidden gems around the Round Tower

Little Museum of Dublin Georgian house

100 years of Dublin History in 30 mins

We visited The Little Museum of Dublin, it’s a new people’s museum, established about 3 years ago.  Its situated in a Georgian house overlooking Stephens Green.  It provides a great snapshot of Dublin and Irish life in the 20th century. All the items in the house have been kindly donated by people and the museum has applied for charity status and many of the tour guides … Continue reading 100 years of Dublin History in 30 mins

National Art Gallery Ireland old advertisement

National Gallery of Ireland

Last Saturday afternoon we went to visit the National Gallery of Ireland for the first time. The gallery opened it’s doors in 1864 and has an extensive collection of Irish paintings, Italian Baroque and Dutch masters paintings. Famous artists on display include Caravaggio, Picasso, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Monet and Goya. The gallery is usually accessible from two points: Merrion Square West  and Clare Street. When you enter … Continue reading National Gallery of Ireland

St. Michan’s Church – I see dead people!

  On a cold bright winter Saturday morning in January, we went to visit St. Michans Church. St. Michans is nestled between The Four Courts and Smithfield on the Northside of the river Liffey in Dublin, Ireland. St. Michans is a Protestant Church of the Anglican Communion. There’s been a church on this site since 1095 and has served Church of Ireland parishioners in Dublin … Continue reading St. Michan’s Church – I see dead people!

RTE Orchestra Halloween themed shows

As we’re nearly into October, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and what to do for it.  I heard about the RTE Orchestra screening Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho movie.  It will be displayed on a large screen and accompanied by a live performance by the Orchestra of Bernard Herrmann’s spine-tingling score. I’m planning on getting tickets for the Thursday show.  I’m a big Hitchcock fan and … Continue reading RTE Orchestra Halloween themed shows

Tour of Croke Park with Nicky English

On the day before the All-Ireland finals, the GAA organise tours of Croke Park with a special guest. So on Saturday the 6th September, I went along to one, with the special guest being former Tipperary hurler Nicky English. Nicky English is regarded as one of Tipperary’s greatest ever players. As a player with Tipperary he has won 2 All-Irelands, 5 Munster titles, 1 National … Continue reading Tour of Croke Park with Nicky English