Quakers Burial Ground Clonmel

Society of Friends Burial Ground which opened in 1709 in Clonmel, Tipperary. Early Quakers believed that everyone was equal in the eyes of God and that ornate headstones should be avoided. Later on, Quakers families began using simple stone markers with the members’ name on it, to mark the grave.

Many wealthy Clonmel Quaker families were buried here with simple headstones.
The Clibborn, Davis, Grubb, Malcomson, Hughes, Pim and Fayle families provided much employment to the townsfolk, and during the Great Famine (1845-1848) provided sustenance to the starving.


A Quakers Meeting in a London meeting-house: the men and women are seated separately, the women wearing their bonnets, the men their hats. Date: 1809

Society of Friends bural ground Clonmel 1709Society of Friends Quakers Burial Ground CemeteryQuakers burial ground Clonmel

burial record quakers clonmel
Society of Friends Burial ground burial records. Source: TipperaryStudies.ie https://bit.ly/2RJFaV9

Quakers Clonmel plaque

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