India Mutineers 1920 Centenary

A new Facebook group has been set up to commemorate the Indian Mutiny 1920.

If you have an interest in the Irish Revolution years (1916 – 1923) or had family that took part in the Indian Mutiny in 1920, you may be interested in joining.

Connaught Rangers soldiers based in Jullandar and Solon Barracks in the Punjab, India, staged a mutiny in protest at the atrocities committed by the Black and Tans in Ireland.

Several hundred soldiers took part initially in the mutiny, with sixty-one men court-martialed and convicted. Fourteen men were given death sentences, the death sentences were later commuted to life imprisonment except for one. Private James Joseph Daly was executed on 20 November 1920 at Daghsai Prison. I will write more about the mutiny in the coming months as my great grandfather Charles Kerrigan was one of the men sentenced to death.

The purpose of the group is to connect the families of soldiers who partook in the 1920 Mutiny in India, to inform the public about the Mutiny and to remember the soldiers. It is hoped a memorial service can be organised in Glasnevin Cemetery on the 100th centenary which will be the 28th June 2020.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.




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