Cockran’s Mall Sligo in the 19th Century

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Art murals by the talented late Sligo artist Bernard McDonagh on the walls of the back bar in the Embassy/The Belfry on Kennedy Parade, Sligo.

McDonagh was influenced by the local history of the street, recreating scenes of Linenhall Street in the late 18 century and early 19th century.



Linenhall Street Sligo 19th century Bernard McDonagh Art

In the late 18th century, the street was known as Linen hall street. – Art murals by Sligo Artist Bernard McDonagh

Farmers in the nearby countryside growing flax which would be brought into town and spun into linen in the warehouse on Linenhall Street.


The Coachbuilders who worked in premises along the original Cockran’s Mall, mending carriage wheels.

Bianconi stagecoaches and later Walsh day cars arriving with guests on Cockran’s Mall staying at the Imperial Hotel in the 19th century.

McDonagh was influenced by images of life on Cockran’s Mall in the 19th century. This image below from…

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