Sea Sessions Music Festival in Bundoran

Festival plans this summer

I was looking up tents online over the weekend, as we are planning on going to a few festivals this summer and also I would like a new tent for the odd camping trip, the last one I had, survived several wet camping trips and outings to festivals but it bit the dust last summer.  It was only a small 2 man dome tent, grand for a festival but no space for your camping stuff, so this time I’d like a bigger tent.

We only did private camping once at Glastonbury as it was handier than dragging over a tent and sleeping bags to England on a plane and it was great not having to lug a tent a few miles across a camp site and then put up a tent in the rain but generally we always just bring our own tent.

We got tickets to Castlepalooza music festival at Charleville castle in Tullamore, Offaly and we are also planning on buying tickets for Indiependence music festival in Mitchelstown, Cork and we might also go again to SeaSessions in Bundoran, Donegal. I enjoy going to festivals as much for the atmosphere as well as the music, although the weather can really make or break it, we went to Oxegen back in 2010 and it rained constantly only stopping on the Sunday and it was good but it did put a dampen on it, coming back to the tent soaked.  So here’s hoping for a few dry weekends, sunny would be great but I’ll take dry cool weather over rain.

Some festival memories over the last few years.

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A quick time lapsed video below, shot on a Go Pro camera at Glastonbury Music Festival in 2013, the year the Rolling Stones headlined in front of an estimated 100,000 crowd.


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