Cistercian Abbey in Longford

An abbey and an alley in Abbeylara

We headed over for a spin to Abbeylara, on Friday evening, its a quaint little village, close to the Longford and Cavan border. Directions can be found here.  It is one of those Irish villages that could be used as the set of a movie from the 1930’s. The village is kept immaculate, the villagers obviously have a lot of pride in their village and an active tidy towns group.

We wanted to use the handball alley court, I love how this court was constructed back in 1924 by local people, just as the Irish free state was in its infancy.  There are also old Cistercian Abbey ruins in Abbeylara, that date back to the 13th Century, when Richard De Tuite established an Abbey in about 1205 for the Cistercian monks.

I really need a blue sky for my photos, to be considered anyway pretty and or have a filter applied!  Although I got lucky last year, when I got a blue sky, followed shortly by a sun shower and a rainbow appeared, the lighting and weather can really change in the space of a few minutes in Ireland.

These photos are from June 2015 and were just taken on my phone and I have no filters on them.

Before lovely blue sky background.

Cistercian Abbey in Longford
Abbeylara abbey ruins with a blue sky

After 15 minutes, the dark clouds rolled in.

Old Cisterian Abbey monastery ruins
A Rainbox appeared beside the medieval Cistercian Abbey ruins in Abbeylara

The photo below of Richard, was taken in June 2015, at about 7.30 pm in the evening it was sunny but cool, hence the wooly hat and base layer. Also, note to any readers who may not be familiar with the game of handball, this not how you play it!  we were just messing about having a puck about with a hurley stick and a tennis ball.

Handball Alley court

I love this cottage, I think it was an abandoned old cottage in the village that was spruced up by the tidy towns committee.  It reminds me of my Junior Cert Art project, for which I made an Irish cottage complete with green doors and windows but I had straw for the roof.  I still have the cottage in the attic, it was part of the art assessment, you had to create a 3D structure and the subject topic was Ireland in the 18th century, I must throw up a photo of it later.

Irish cottage with a green tin roof
Irish cottage in Abbeylara County Longford
Irish cottage
Irish Cottage with green tin roof in Abbeylara

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