Charles fort military barracks

Star shaped fort

On the sunday of our Cork trip, we headed to Kinsale and visited the old army barracks ruins called Charles Fort.  It is a star shaped military fort dating back to the 17th century.  It is located close to the picturesque Summer Cove village and looks out onto Kinsale harbour.  The fort was built in the 1670s and 1680s to a star fortification design – a layout specifically designed to resist attack by cannon.(i)

It is run by the Office of Public Works and admission was 4 euro each.  One of the buildings has been renovated and houses a multi-media exhibition centre and some old artifacts.  You can find out directions and opening hours on the OPW website here.

Also, there was an exhibition on the Connaught Rangers, as one of their battalions was based at Charles Fort during World War 1, new recruits were trained here before been deployed.  This was interesting to me, as my Great Grandfather, Charles Kerrigan was in the Connaught Rangers, which is another interesting story altogether, which I will have to blog about in the future

It was handed over by the British Army, to the Irish free state after the Anglo-Irish treaty was signed in 1921 and the following year during the Civil war it was burnt down.

We got some tea and scones in the cafe onsite, which is located in one of the old buildings.  If you are in the area, it is well worth a visit, it has an interesting military history and you can wander around the various remains of the old barrack buildings, plus the beautiful view looking out onto Kinsale harbour.


Images: Melcoo

Text: Melcoo

Text (i): Wikipedia

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