Clonmel Heritage Walking Tour – Anne Street

A walk around Clonmel town will show you an array of old buildings from different historical and architectural periods, from the Medieval period up to the 19th Century.  It is the largest town in County Tipperary and the river Suir runs through it. We did a self-guided walking tour around the town and visited this charming Georgian street.

One of the first points we stopped at, on our self-guided heritage tour of Clonmel, was Anne Street.  I know when I first visited Clonmel, I noticed this beautiful old 19th Century street, which is located only a few minutes walk from the main street in the town.  Charles Riall (1774 – 1855) engaged builders and architects Thomas and John Tinsley to carry out the work in 1820.  It is believed the street was named after Charles Riall’s wife Anne.  The street has changed little from when it was built in 1820, all the houses are three stories and have maintained most of their original features, ornate doors and large sash windows.

On the gable end of one of the houses, there is an original Post Wall box, which dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria, it has the royal initials VR on it.  It would have been originally red but when the Irish State came into effect in 1922, all the post boxes were painted green.


Post box on Anne street
Victoria Regent Postbox
19th Century architecture houses
Anne Street 19th Century street in Clonmel town


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