Literary Trail – Sebastian Barry – 1st Location

Literary Trail for Sebastian Barry’s trilogy – The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty, The Secret Scripture and The Temporary Gentleman

This first location in our Sebastian Barry Literary trail is within a short walking distance of the main thoroughfare in Sligo town, called O’Connell Street.

1. John Street – The McNulty family home was set on John Street and the opening line of the book “The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty”, gives the location of the family home located on John Street, “In the middle of the lonesome town, at the back of John Street, in the third house from the end…” Later, Eneas describes his house “as thin and narrow on John Street.”  Although I would hazard a guess, that Sebastian Barry, could also have been describing the street adjacent to John Street, which would be Charles Street, although this street is not referenced in the book, it is beside the original Lungey House and St John’s graveyard would be located behind this street.

Charles street in Sligo town
Charles street looking up from the direction of John Street Sligo

John Street is located at the bottom of O’Connell Street, it is just 300 metres walk from the Tourist Office, which is located at the top of O’Connell Street, so walk to the opposite end of the street and take a right and you are on John Street. Charles Street is located off John Street, the first left as you come from the direction of O’Connell Street.  Charles Street is on a hill with rows of narrow houses on either side of the street.

John Street’s distinct red bricked window terraced houses.
John Street in Sligo town
John Street

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