entrance to National Museum of Ireland

Iconic Treasures

We headed to the National Museum of Ireland for a guided tour. We find taking tours are far more informative than browsing around ourselves.

The museum is located here, beside Leinster House.

The tour on Saturday was called the Iconic Treasures tour and featured some of Ireland’s most precious metalwork like the Ardagh Chalice, the Shrine of St. Lachtíns Arm and the Tara brooch.

ancient artefact
Ardagh Chalice

With it being St. Patricks weekend in Dublin some relevant pieces like St. Patricks Bell and The Shrine of St. Patrick Tooth, were discussed.

historic artefact
St. Patricks Bell

The tour lasted 60 minutes, was free and had about 20 in attendance. The tour guide was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable,  which she displayed when asked some very detailed questions by a tourist.

After the tour, we had a look around the museum ourselves. One of the most striking things about the museum is the building itself.


Other exhibitions on display, which we briefly visited, include Clontarf 1014 (Battle of Clontarf) and a Viking Ireland exhibition.

One other exhibition we were interested in seeing was the Kingship and Sacrifice exhibition, namely to see the bog bodies from the Iron Age.

iron age body
Bog Man


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