6 pubs to visit on St Patrick’s Day

The last few years we’ve headed into town early to watch the St Patrick’s Day parade and then met up with some friends and visited a few pubs for drinks.  These are some of our favourite pubs in Dublin City centre.


Hogans Bar

Hogans recently was mentioned on a guide to Dublin, we’ve been going here since 2004, it gets a nice crowd and has a great vibe to the place while still feeling a bit rustic and old man style.  It’s located on the Victorian red-bricked South Great Georges Street.  We visited here after the parade last year and managed to get some seats after all our standing.  For directions, click here

Hogans pub Dublin


Market Bar

The Market Bar located on Fade Street and it also has an entrance through the Georges Street Arcade, an old Victorian Shopping market.  The Market Bar reminds me of a big German beer hall, with red brick walls and a wall of old clogs, this was our first port of call last year, it was busy with food orders and we got a drink while waiting for a table.  For directions, click here.

South Georges Arcade and The Market Bar



Located on Suffolk Street, just opposite St Andrew’s tourist centre and the new temporary home of the Molly Malone statue, O’Neill’s is a large pub which spans over two floors and has lots of little nooks.  We visited this pub two years ago on St Patrick’s day and it was busy but you could still get a drink within 10 minutes and had some space to chat and drink with our friends.  There was a mix of Irish and tourists, in particular, a lot of Americans college students who were all festively dressed up in green, putting us to shame! For directions, click here.

O'Neills pub Dublin



By 7pm  we headed to Mulligans on St Patrick’s day, meeting up with old friends who had emigrated and were home on a visit.  We got the room out the back with the big long table and got chatting to some Irish American’s, it was great, sort of felt like we were at a friends house, sitting at their table, having the craic.  Mulligan’s is an authentic old man pub.  It is located off the South side of the quays, behind Tara dart station, on Poolbeg Street in Dublin 2, it’s across the street from the old 1970’s green facade office block that houses the Department of Health.

Mulligans on Poolbeg street


Doyle’s pub

Doyle’s pub is one of those pubs, I use to pass by regularly but never went into, we finally did about three years ago with some friends after seeing an Ireland match in the Aviva stadium, we’ve also visited after a game in Croke Park.  I always got the impression it was a real Dubliner’s pub and it is, which I love. Last St Patrick’s, we visited Doyle’s and we got chatting to two Dublin lads, who locked us into a huddle to sing that Paul McCarthy song Ebony and Ivory! Doyle’s pub is in a central spot, only 2 minutes walk from O’Connell bridge and right behind Trinity college, located on College Street.

Doyles pub on College Street


Gin Palace

This is a beautiful, modern Victorian style pub, which has a prohibition era feel to the decor, with large bar lamps and an ornate wooden bar.  It’s located on Middle Abbey Street, the Luas passes by this pub and it also has a more modern entrance on Liffey Street.

Gin Palace pub




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