Little Museum of Dublin Georgian house

100 years of Dublin History in 30 mins

We visited The Little Museum of Dublin, it’s a new people’s museum, established about 3 years ago.  Its situated in a Georgian house overlooking Stephens Green.  It provides a great snapshot of Dublin and Irish life in the 20th century.

All the items in the house have been kindly donated by people and the museum has applied for charity status and many of the tour guides and staff at the museum are there as volunteers.

The museum is opened 7 days a week and guided tours of about 30 minutes take place on the hour in the museum. Before the tour, we had a browse around the lovely Georgian house with its stunning architecture and viewed the current photography exhibition by Conor Horgan, which is being hosted on the ground floor of the building. Then we had the tour on the second floor, which was quite lively and entertaining.

Little Museum Dublin artifacts
Little Museum historical pictures and memorabilia

I recommend doing the tour as you will get a great insight into some of the items in the museum. They have a great array of different memorabilia in the house, lots of historical pictures and quirky items from Dublin over the last century from the 1900’s to the 1990’s. We particularly liked the podium (music stand) John F. Kennedy used when he addressed Dáil Éireann in 1963 and the bullets handed to businessman Ben Dunne after his 1980’s kidnapping, quite random and different!

Also, for U2 fans, they have this room dedicated to the band’s music history.

U2 at Dublin Museum
Room in the Little Museum of Dublin dedicated to U2

The museum is located at 15 Stephens Green, on the corner of Dawson Street and Stephens green, see directions here.  The entrance fee including a guided tour usually costs €7 euro for adults but on the day we went, we got a voucher from the elegantly dressed doorman and it only cost €5, which was a great bargain as we stayed over an hour there and the guided tour is excellent.


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