Hazelwood Georgian House

Hazelwood House Distillery

Sligo will have a new Distillery following the news that Hazelwood House, the 18th-century Palladian style country house,  is to be turned into a whiskey distillery and visitor centre. There is a factory behind the house, which will be converted.

According to the Sligo Champion, the new buyer is David Raethorne and a group of investors, plan to turn the 18th-century house into a major tourism business in the North West of Ireland.  A sort of Powerscourt house meets the Guinness Storehouse combination perhaps.

I think its good news, especially as they plan on renovating Hazelwood House, which was designed by Richard Cassels, who designed Leinster House.  Sligo needs more attractions like this, especially an indoor tourist attraction, for those rainy days.  I think it will appeal to different markets, those who like distilleries and those interested in Big Houses and history. I’m sure the lands will be cleaned up and there will be walks as well.  It is a big undertaking, but hopefully, the Lough Gill company will restore Hazelwood House back to its former glory.

Hazelwood Georgian House
Hazelwood House, Sligo

Image Credit: Hazelwood-house by ZxcodeOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia

3 thoughts on “Hazelwood House Distillery

    1. I’ve only been out there once when Saehan had it, never saw the inside, so not sure how much of the original features are left. It will be great to see it after the renovations.


  1. “There is a factory behind the house, which will either be converted or demolished. It is a big eyesore so hopefully they can demolish it.”
    The new owners have used the factory building as an exhibition space for huge works of art lately and it was ideal for that. I doubt they will demolish it. They could use that huge multistoried roofed area for anything.


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