RTE Orchestra Halloween themed shows

As we’re nearly into October, I’ve been thinking about Halloween and what to do for it.  I don’t think I’ll be dressing up this year,  I was looking to do something different.  I heard about the RTE Orchestra screening Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho movie.  It will be displayed on a large screen and accompanied by a live performance by the Orchestra of Bernard Herrmann’s spine-tingling score.

RTE Orchestra psycho movie Halloween special
RTE Orchestra psycho movie Halloween special. Image Credit: http://www.rte.ie

I’m planning on getting tickets for the Thursday show.  I’m a big Hitchcock fan and loved the Psycho movie when I first saw it.  I even dressed up for Halloween a few years ago as Tippi Hedren from the Hitchcock movie The Birds.

It will be on in Dublin on Thursday 30th October 2014 in the National Concert Hall on Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 and on Friday 31st October in The Helix, Glasnevin, Dublin 9. Tickets cost between €15 to €40 euros.


Check out the RTE Orchestra website for more details.


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