A Walk on The Mall, Sligo

The Niland Art Gallery pictured above, located on The Mall in Sligo Town.  The building dates from the mid 19th century,  built between 1855-1865.  It was originally a National Model School.  Since 1991, it has been used as an exhibition space and Art gallery.

The Mall in Sligo, is one of Sligo’s oldest streets, it is a long street,  on the R286 road, which leads out to join the N16 road to Manorhamilton, county Leitrim and on to Enniskillen in county Fermanagh.  It is made up of large 18th and 19th Century period houses and the Model school, pictured above.  The Grammar Boarding school is also based on The Mall, along with Sligo General Hospital.

A nice short walk to take, is the Riverside/The Mall walk, it’s only 1 Kilometre and along the way you will get to see the picturesque Riverside and Garavogue river and a mix of 19th Century Architecture.  It starts across from the Embassy/Toffs nightclub on the corner of Bridge street and John F. Kennedy Parade, walk along the Garavogue river, pass the Riverside Hotel and take the Riverside footbridge across the river.

You will see Glebe House and the Calry Church on your left.  Follow the bridge around and walk up the Calry lane to bring you out onto The Mall.  Walk down pass the Calry Church and passed the Niland Gallery.  At the junction, take a left and walk up Bridge street to bring you back to Kennedy parade and the town.

The Masonic Lodge on The Mall in Sligo Town.

Masonic lodge Sligo
The Masonic lodge in Sligo town.

The impressive Masonic Lodge Hall perched up on the top of The Mall, has a great view over Sligo Town.  It’s a detached 2 storey redbrick built between 1890 and 1900, it features a Belvedere tower above the entrance.  According to Wiki,  “A belvedere (from Italian for “fair view”) is an architectural structure sited to take advantage of a fine or scenic view.   A Belvedere may be built in the upper part of a building so as to command said view. ”


Calry Parish Church, The Mall, Sligo

Church of Ireland Sligo
Calry Church on The Mall, Sligo

It’s a late Georgian gothic-revival Church of Ireland parish church.  It was built between 1820 and 1830.

No. 6, 7, 8 and 9, The Mall, Sligo

old houses
19th Century Period Houses located on The Mall in Sligo

Old 19th Century period homes, the house with a brown wooden door with steps leading up to a large porch, was used in the film “Jimmy’s Hall”.  The movie was shot on location in the North West of Ireland and some scenes were shot on The Mall in Sligo.

No. 8 and No. 9 are End-of-terrace 2 bay 3 storey, over basement 19th Century houses with a shared carriageway.


19th Century House The Mall Sligo
19th Century House The Mall Sligo


19th Century Shared Carriage way
19th Century Shared Carriage way



View from the back of houses on The Mall, looking down onto Sligo Abbey
View from the back of houses on The Mall, looking down onto Sligo Abbey. Photo Credit: sligoestates.com


Calry Church lane leading down to the garavogue river
Calry Church lane


Riverside Footbridge, Sligo
Riverside Footbridge, Sligo


Riverside hotel and footbridge
Riverside hotel and footbridge


Garavogue River and Riverside bridge
Garavogue River and Riverside bridge

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