Royal Oak Pub, Dublin

On our way back over to Heuston station, we passed by the Royal Oak pub. This pub is tucked away on a quiet residential street on Kilmainham Lane, again this is a pub that I’d cycled passed on my way home from work and I’d noticed on Sunny evenings they’d be a nice crowd outside drinking, as the pub has a nice seating area/beer garden to the side of the pub.

Robinsons Pub
Royal Oak for Best Drinks

We wanted to watch the Arsenal game and popped our heads in, I didn’t think they would have the game on, thought its more of an old man pub with no Sky Sports, (in fairness to a lot of pubs, I wouldn’t blame them for not having Sky, as its very expensive) but I was pleasantly surprised, they had the game on and there was a young twenties/thirties crowd in watching it.

Seating area outside Royal Oak pub
Royal Oak pub on Kilmainham lane, outdoor seating area


This pub is old I believe it dates back to the 1850’s and has a lot of character which I like, it’s darkly lit and has a good atmosphere.

Nice pub, if we lived closer we’d make this our local.


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